Tech Bank USA

TechBank was founded in 2013 and since then has grown to three locations in Madison.

Our mission is to buy your unwanted or broken electronics and pay you top dollar for it. We also can sell you certified used devices.

Cash for iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, and Macs!

Why should you sell to Tech bank?

1. Convenient -We have locations all throughout Madison.

2. Local – No shipping. No waiting. No risk. Get paid on the Spot! It’s safer than Craigslist, and more convenient than selling online.

3. Rewarding – We are paying the best prices! Our prices beat GameStop, Gazelle, PawnShops, most trade-ins and all other buyback companies.

Why should you buy from Tech bank?

                1. Easy- We always have plenty of used items in stock to purchase, to fit whatever suits you.

2. Reliable- We guarantee that are devices are fully functional and provide a 7-days guarantee if anything goes wrong.

                 3. Smart- Do not get locked into those 2 year contracts with the cell phone providers, buying used can save you money and give you full ownership of the device.